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In Heroes We know how to effectively support your brand with digital marketing capabilities.

We understand the pain points entrepreneurs face and we can solve them with heroic knowledge, experience and commitment.

Karol Jedrasik

CEO of CS Heroes

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Promotional action is an investment that brings profits. With effective campaigns, we will reach your target audience to gain leads, sell products, increase audience awareness of your brand. You know your target, and we know how to create and optimize campaigns to bring results.


One of the most effective tools for selling products and services. We make sure that the leads we acquire are as relevant to our clients' industry as possible, so we build the email databases ourselves, manually, from start to finish. In turn, periodic newsletters build product visibility, promote sales and website traffic.

brand strategy

It is through this strategy that your brand will find its place in the market and stand out from the competition. The strategy will define the positioning, brand personality, mission, vision, communication language and its values. From this will begin the conscious path of your company to a specifically set goal. Strategy is the art of elimination, so we will focus on what is most important.

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Influencer marketing is an opportunity to reach a wide audience through credible and authentic recommendations from people who are highly trusted and respected among their followers. It can help increase awareness of your brand, build a positive corporate image and attract new customers.


They will help you increase the chance of high and valuable traffic to your website by reaching a specific audience. Your ads will reach the right people who are looking for your products or services.

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It is in social media that you can build a solid relationship with your customers, build your brand image, communicate values, and describe your products or services. Running social media allows you to be close to your audience, learn about their opinions, expectations and values.

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Branding is the execution of a brand strategy - naming and visual identity enter into it. Thanks to it, your company will gain a consistent image, and its communication will become more recognizable and distinctive. Every brand is unique, the task of branding is to emphasize this uniqueness.

meta campaigns

Analytics is the aggregation and analysis of data from various sources. We develop a system to measure the results of implemented marketing strategies for clients. We look at statistics during the period under study, but also look ahead to be able to draw valuable conclusions that are crucial to achieving our clients' planned goals.

Campaign concept


Advertising campaign concept is Heroes' proprietary tool, through which we build original communication of your products or services on properly selected channels. From the strategy, to the creation of creations consistent with the brand, to the launch of the promotion. The result? Much better outcomes than your competitors' ill-conceived campaigns.

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We have already helped more than

100 companies

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