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We believe that we are defined by more than just great reports, numbers and results. At Heroes, we are guided by values that make us a cohesive team and able to work in unison for effective marketing of our clients.

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We stand up for good products and services, and through thoughtful marketing efforts we showcase them to the world.

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We want to be the marketing heroes of entrepreneurs whose products and services will realistically improve and enhance everyday life. We create a better world together with you!


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We understand the needs and goals of our clients because we are close to their problems. Each hero and heroine can work together to achieve the best results together.
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We work together toward a clearly defined goal, and then celebrate successes together with our clients. We focus on efficiency and demonstrate our capabilities in deeds, not words.

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We are open to customer feedback and the opinion of other experts. We respond quickly to changing market needs, so we are not afraid to reach for non-standard solutions.

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We feel responsible for the projects we deliver. Our clients feel Heroes' commitment from the beginning and without end.


Courageous. Development-oriented. Effective. Together we achieve the goals we boldly set and want to reach for more all the time.

We are Heroes - Give us a marketing challenge and see what we can do for you.
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Lukasz Wisniewski

CEO of Growth Heroes

Creates a business, which actions provides a real difference in the perception of marketing in Poland.
After work, you'll meet him at the tennis court or racetrack.

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Karol Jedrasik

CEO of CS Heroes

He specializes in performance marketing and is responsible for the implementation of the agency's activities.
Ask him about technological innovations and he will surprise you with something interesting!

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Karolina Kleta

Strategy Hero

She is responsible for strategic activities for our clients and for marketing Heroes.
And after working on brand strategies, he writes songs and rides horses.

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Maciej Bryke

Client Hero

In project management, he focuses on an individual approach to each client.
Sports and travel are a huge part of his life.


Vladek Lashko

Performance Hero

Facebook ADS expert, creating campaigns with millions of reaches.
Focused on achieving set business goals.

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Szczepan Ciesielski

Social Media Hero

He takes care each clients’ social media are creative. His goal? The pit stops you make while scrolling, are probably created previously in his head. He happens to be an expert on ski jumping and loves hiking in the mountains.

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Sylwia Więcek

Graphic Design Hero

She’s an expert in visual design and gives a look to our clients' brands.
The list of graphic design courses she has completed is growing dangerously fast.



Adam Gron

Performance Hero

He creates advertising campaigns that attract attention and sell well.
Drifting enthusiast and influencer (IG 33k, TikTok 23k), wants to compete in the Drifting Championship of Poland.

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Dominika Kucner

Content Hero

Cool content ideas and good texts are her role.
It's hard to say where he is at the moment. Mostly on the go.


Tomasz Szwecki

Performance Hero

She boldly talks about her passion for analytics and marketing at every meeting we have together. She is an excellent advisor and takes great satisfaction in achieving our clients' business goals.


Kacper Romanowski

Social Media Hero

Responsible for video as well as photo content for our clients. Creating short content gives him a lot of fun - this is how he expresses his creativity. In his free time you can find him... anywhere - he loves to travel!

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Do you want to become a Hero?

At this time we are not looking for heroes/heroines to join our team, but if you like what we do and are driven by similar values - send us your resume and a few sentences about yourself to:

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