TikTok in the medical industry? It can be done and how!

The challenge for Medicept, a telemedicine platform, was not only to reach a wider audience, but also to build a strong, recognizable brand in an oversaturated e-health market. 

Introducing activity on the TikTok platform was one of our strategic moves that not only increased the brand's reach, but also strengthened its perception as a brand that supports women, not just a platform for e-consultations and e-prescriptions.

Marketing strategy process

Competitive Analysis

We focused on getting to know the industry by doing a detailed analysis of the competition. We identified Medicept's unique place in the market - so that communication is based on a specific pillar.

Target Group and its needs

Getting to Know the Needs of the Target Group

The Medicept brand's main target audience is women between the ages of 18 and 40, for whom reliable information is very important. We developed the Big Idea for the brand's communication activities: "From doctors to patients"..

Due to such an important and specialized topic as women's health, in order to better understand their needs, we decided not to rely on subjective hypotheses. We created the "Ask the Doctor" initiative. We sent a mailing to Medicept's patient base inviting them to ask questions of specialists. The doctors' answers were then used to create videos on social media, mainly on TikTok - so as to talk about what our target audience is most interested in.


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Organization of a street poll

Additionally, we asked women on the streets what they would like to learn from their gynecologist or GP. These spontaneous and authentic interactions gave us an even better understanding of patients' expectations and needs, and enabled us to create more engaging and valuable content.

Recordings of doctors' responses

In the next step, we organized a series of recordings in Torun, the city where Medicept, or more precisely Medigabinets - medical facilities - is headquartered. The doctors answered all the patients' questions - those from the survey and those from the mailing.

Effects of our activities 

Medicept began talking about important topics for women, shortening the distance between patients and doctors. Through active support on key issues such as abortion, the morning-after pill, contraception and women's rights, Medicept has become a brand that is not only associated with online prescriptions and e-consultations, but also shows support for women and is a reliable source of information on issues important to them, which are seen as taboo topics in Polish society. 

Communication Strategy on TikTok

TikTok formats

We opted for short video responses by doctors to patients' questions and street polls. We mainly focused on gynecological topics, which are not only often considered taboo, but are also crucial to women's health and well-being, which helped stimulate discussion and increase engagement.

Promotion and Engagement

We invested in promoting posts on TikTok to increase reach and engagement. Our efforts have quickly yielded results, exceeding 1k observations in the first month.   

In parallel, we are actively communicating on Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, we not only share the formats available on TikTok, but also publish interesting facts, statistics and essential information related to gynecology.

We also hold discussions on women's rights, abortion, contraception and women's intimate health, among other topics, giving users a broader context and depth of topics.


The campaign on TikTok has yielded excellent results:

  • Reaching audiences in October: 1 821 468.
  • Number of engaged recipients in October: 23 598.
  • Screenings of the film in October: 1 624 000.
  • Profile views: 4 657.
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Heroes working on the project:

  • Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero
  • Kacper Romanowski - Video&Photo Content Hero
  • Adam Gron - Performance Hero
  • Szczepan Ciesielski - Social Media Hero
  • Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero 

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