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Record low cost of quality leads for an automotive company - long-term cooperation 

During the long-term cooperation with one of the authorized KIA brand dealerships We successively acquired quality leads and carried out a total of as many as 70 advertising campaigns. In a single implementation, we achieved a record low cost of reaching potential customers - just $7 per contact. We earned this result thanks to the right approach to cooperation and sales campaign planning. Learn more about the other results of our activities, as well as the unique Heroes process!

Our client is a reputable car dealership that cooperates with KIA Motors Poland. At the time of the described activities, it is the only dealer of the brand in Opole province. The company can also boast a long history: is the oldest authorized Mitsubishi Motors service center in Poland. What was the challenge posed by the automotive brand?

The biggest challenges the client approached us with:

  • Increasing the number of contacts to people interested in test driving KIA cars;
  • Increasing sales orders for KIA cars;
  • Increasing sales at an online auto accessories store;
  • Gaining contacts from two groups: individual customers and corporate customers.

Heroic challenge - our client's goal 

From the beginning of our cooperation, the client gave us a specific challenge. The goal of our efforts was to increase the number of test drive appointments, which would ultimately result in the finalization of an order for a KIA car. Our task was to reach people potentially interested in the car through online marketing. In a way that would encourage them to contact the dealership and take action: to schedule a test drive. 

Beginning of cooperation: analysis of the customer situation and buyer personas 

We started our activities by analyzing the client's situation. As a first step, we checked the company's communications and awareness in the local market. In addition, our analysis also included the company's buyer persona. Based on an interview with the company's representative, we verified who are the brand's key customers potentially interested in KIA cars. This helped us effectively plan advertising campaigns in the next steps. 

Through the analysis, we learned that the customer's salon brand has a very good reputation among customers in the Opole area. They spoke highly of the quality of service and the excellent service the company offers. Based on 383 reviews on Google, the salon achieved a high average rating of 4.7. The authority of the brand and its awareness among the residents of the Opole region certainly contributed positively to the success of our activities and helped us achieve the business goals set at the beginning of our cooperation. 

Planning the collaboration process

From the beginning - our client and us - we assumed a long-term cooperation. Therefore We implemented weekly meetings to discuss the results of our activities. We regularly talked about the opportunities and threats that arise from individual advertising campaigns. We exchanged ideas to improve the effectiveness of our activities.

Weekly meetings also allowed us to respond quickly to changing customer needs. As a result, we have efficiently implemented subsequent campaigns, which we describe below. 

Campaign concept: implementation of Facebook Ads 

Thanks to our knowledge of the customer's buyer persona, we knew who the brand's potential customers were. Based on this, we decided that our campaigns would target people who live in the Opole, Rybnik and Klodzko regions. The narrowed area of marketing activities also allowed us to estimate KPIs:

KPI: average cost of acquiring a lead at 35-40 PLN 

In the next step we have moved on to the segmentation of customer groups. We decided that we would implement advertising campaigns in both the B2B (to business owners) and B2C (to direct customers) segments. We prepared separate creations for each group, tailored to their needs or problems. Entrepreneurs were presented with an attractive offer of new KIA company cars, and individuals were presented with new vehicles Of the listed categories:

  • family cars
  • electric cars
  • cars for seniors
  • urban/compact.
heroes kia case study creations 1

Campaigns were switched on and we began to get the first contacts.

Ongoing: optimize campaigns for even better results 

After a few months of cooperation, we decided to carry out an extensive social media communication workshop. We already had the first results from the sales campaigns in operation and the resulting lessons we had learned. We decided to deepen our knowledge of buyer personas to further understand the needs and problems of potential customers. This time we enlisted the help of the salon's customer service staff, who interviewed the salon's current customers. 

Thanks to the strategy adopted We learned about the most important concerns that block potential customers from using the service At each stage of implementation. Based on the information we collected, we created advanced customer segmentation. Then We tailored a separate advertising message to each group, tailored to individual preferences. So that each potential customer feels that we understand their concerns and needs! 

heroes kia case study results 1

We incorporated the updated creatives into the campaign and made sure they displayed to the target audience. 

Additional activities: online store advertising on Google 

During the long-term cooperation, the client presented us with an additional challenge. Our task was to extensive testing of the e-commerce department. In addition to the car showroom and traditional (direct) sales, the company also launched an online store. The online store featured accessories and add-ons for specific car models. 

By analyzing the situation and based on our experience We determined that Google ADS campaigns would be more effective in this case. This was the advertising strategy we proposed to our client. We knew that on Facebook it is much more difficult to reach people who are looking for specific products (for example, after the phrase: Velour floor mats for the new KIA Stonic model). A Facebook campaign would require a larger budget and might not be as effective. 

In a similar way, we choose tools each time, tailored to the needs of the client. We keep in mind the profitability of the project and the cost-effectiveness of our agency's services.

Changing customer needs: used car sales

Since the results of the regular campaigns were satisfactory, after some time the client decided to commission us for additional activities. In addition to new vehicles and accessories, our client also has used cars. We knew that each car had to be inspected, serviced and have a certain history.

The KIA showroom has put before our agency another challenge: to reach people who have such a car and want to sell it. Our goal was to get contacts to people who would be potentially interested in such a transaction. The car for sale had to fit the criteria of the brand that would handle its resale. 

Heroic results of long-term campaigns

The above-described realizations are just a few selected activities we have carried out for the client. In total, we have implemented as many as 70 advertising campaigns! Some of them are tests and micro-tests, thanks to which we were able to optimize results and our advertising campaigns were definitely effective. Thanks to this strategy, we can boast of results in many of the segments discussed above.

Results: price list download campaign 

Above-average results were achieved in the campaign, promoting the new KIA Sportage car model. 

In total, we acquired 234 leads. The cost of acquiring one lead is only 7 PLN 60 cents (with an assumed KPI of 20 PLN/lead). 

Our results were much better than our initial assumptions. The goal of the campaign was to download the price list and encourage recipients to be the first to receive access to key information about the new model.

Results: test drive campaign

The campaign, aimed at arranging test drives, covered many car (and customer) segments. The most effective advertising campaigns were those in which we acquired contacts for businesses. Creatives for B2B audiences proved to be a hit! 

Entrepreneurs were attracted by the attractive forms of leasing KIA cars. Thanks to the precise positioning of the campaign, we attracted many new potential customers: 

In total, we acquired 45 leads to business owners. Cost of acquiring one lead up to 28 PLN (with an assumed KPI of 35-40 PLN/lead). 

Results: campaign to buy used cars 

As part of the campaign, in which we wanted to reach people with a car for sale, we reached a total of 36 vehicle owners.

We acquired 36 leads. The cost of acquiring one lead is 30 zlotys.

That's not all! The client has entrusted us with further tasks

However, our adventure with the authorized KIA brand showroom did not end with the above results! Our client found the results of our activities highly satisfactory and entrusted us with further advertising campaigns to implement. 

We have launched a larger campaign to promote attractive forms of funding in the B2B and B2C segments. During the first two weeks, we acquired 46 leads (cost: 12 PLN/lead on average). The caloricity of the leads, according to the client, is at a satisfactory level - many appointments and test drives have been arranged.

Taking a cue from the success of the KIA SPORTAGE campaign, we have also launched a new campaign with a pre-release promotion of the new KIA NIRO car model. 

Heroes working on the project:

Karol Jedrasik - CEO of CS Heroes
Vladek Lashko - Performance Hero

Do you need similar activities for your company?

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