Why you need identification and how it translates into marketing

Visuals far outweigh auditory or kinesthetics. How does this translate into marketing? 🤔

👉 There are those companies - global and local - whose image is widely known to us. This is because they take care of the visual brand identity, which consists of such elements as:
▪ logo
▪ color scheme
▪ font
▪ interior and building decoration
▪ employee dress code, badges

Wondering what is all this for?

Consistent and aesthetically pleasing identification of all the elements mentioned above makes the transition between the stages of the sales funnel "smooth" and no gap appears between them. Imagine a situation in which you see an ad of a product that has interested you - on a yellow background, with a yellow logo. You have yet to think about buying it, as you are not completely convinced. After a few days, you see an ad that overcomes your objections - you are convinced, but decide to order the product only after the payoff. Then you see an ad for seemingly the same product, but on a red background. It would seem to be a different brand by now, right?

The brand becomes recognizable even without the use of the company's name, so it does not have to focus on promoting it itself, but only on strengthening awareness of its existence and convincing the audience of its existence 📣

Remember that the entire visual identity should stem from something, be thought out from every angle. Colors, shapes, fonts - it should all harmonize with your business, message, values, brand 🔄

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