How we developed personal branding for Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska

From chaos to clear brand strategy. From outdated branding to modern visual and linguistic communication. What did we do when approached by a psychotraumatologist and former judge? We developed a personal branding to fit both areas of the client's work and to be understood by the entire target audience: both in the legal/business world and in the therapeutic world. We found a communication bridge that connected the client's areas of activity.

Our task has become To organize the entire range of services and products and to create anew the personal brand strategy of Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska. We began by laying out an action plan so that all the steps taken would lead to a consistent, modern personal brand. 

We defined a work schedule that included:

  1. Analysis of Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska's past communication and personal brand image. 
  2. Market and competitive analysis.
  3. Strategy workshop with the client.
  4. Identify new communication and marketing objectives. 
  5. Creating a new strategy and all personal brand branding. 
  6. Creating a new website and updating social media.

Such a holistic and multi-layered project required a great strategy, a creative outlook on personal branding, and deep insight into the brand and the needs of the target audience. 

Even more challenges

In the course of the work, the biggest challenge proved to be combination of non-obvious character and all the competences of the client. Our audit showed that the current image does not harmonize with the palette of services the client currently and in the future wants to offer. 

Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska's brand was associated only with legal, business topics, and her communications were distanced and expert. Any association with personal development was missing. 

The lack of consistency in communication caused confusion and the risk of losing trust in the brand. How did we get out of this impasse without limiting the scope of Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska's business and products?

We chose to develop

In the course of our strategic work, we were able to find a common denominator between two areas of personal brand offerings that had previously operated independently of each other. Development. Simply put. Professional development, which includes a whole range of workshops organized by the client, support of companies, as well as individuals, for example, in changing jobs. At the same time personal development - Discovering the potential of each individual through one-on-one sessions or on a self-therapy platform, which is AGW's proprietary tool. Thus, the personal brand was aimed at people interested in development in the broadest sense. 

Among the goals we identified at this stage were:

  • Building an image as an expert, but not distancing herself,
  • In communication a combination of work-life relationships,
  • Adequately describe the offer adequately to the target groups,
  • Developing a distinctive and memorable personal brand,
  • Creating branding for the self-therapy platform consistent with the positioning and perception of the personal brand - AGW's proprietary tool.

Modern branding and clear communication language

Responding to a coherent brand strategy was the new branding of Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska (AGW), which simultaneously distinguished it from direct and indirect competition. We moved away from a color scheme strongly associated with the legal industry. We also wanted to differentiate the personal brand from the colors that therapy offices usually use: green and beige. We proposed a modern graphic style and a completely different, fresh color scheme. 

image 5

Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska's logo was also complemented by the one we came up with claim "I choose development", into which all the activities and products offered by the client fit. From now on, this slogan has become her trademark. From the point of view of the brand's offerings, the common point is "development" - both in the personal and professional fields. The word "I choose" refers to the approach to decision-making in life.

image 56

One language of communication 

AGW brand communication must be based on pillars that are relevant to both professional and personal development work. Therefore, he combines the language of caring, giving a sense of warmth, but also reliable, credible. 

As a result, it is based on three pillars:


image 20
image 23

And in the end? A good plan 

Even the best personal branding will not succeed without its distribution and active operation or promotion of the personal brand. An essential part of our work was also proposal of marketing activities. The first was the creation of a new website for Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska, aligned with the new strategic goals. In this area, we were responsible for the site's design, content creation and graphic design. 

image 22

But that's not all! In order for the brand to gradually gain more and more trust from the audience, we offered active, organic social media activities. Consistent with the brand strategy - Aneta Gibek-Wiśniewska shares her knowledge, tips and empathy on her personal Instagram and Facebook. For the client, we prepared a holistic communication plan in SM: a variety of graphic materials (reels, educational carousels, graphics and photos), and comprehensively plan and create all content, appearing on these channels.  

Heroes working on the project:

Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero

Natalia Olejnik - Graphic Design Hero

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