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Operation: brand strategy

The problem of lacking distinctive communication, a unique value proposition and brand language can lead to poor sales of products and services. The brand strategy and rebranding, allowed our client to find a unique place in the market, making the Growton brand a true Dr. House of sales.

About the Growton brand

Growton is a consulting company that has been supporting Polish companies in their development for years. Their mission is to heal businesses, providing them with the right diagnostics and tools for success. They specialize in the field of sales, recognizing it as the foundation of a company's well-being. 

What did the whole process look like?

Brand audit

We conducted a thorough audit of the Growton brand, analyzing its current positioning, communications, as well as past advertising efforts This gave us a basis for understanding the brand's strengths and areas for improvement.

Market analysis

We conducted a market analysis, studied the competition and industry trends. This allowed us to identify a gap in the market - a unique place on the communications map of the category.

Workshop with the customer - brand strategy

We held a workshop that allowed us to work together to develop a brand strategy. We established the goals, mission, values and key messages, which became the foundation for subsequent activities. 

Workshop with the customer - buyer persona

During another workshop with the client, we developed detailed buyer personae, or profiles of Growton's ideal customers. This allowed us to better understand their needs, motivations and expectations, and thus tailor communications to specific customer segments.

Developing the strategic direction of the brand

Based on the information gathered and the results of the workshop, we developed a specific strategic direction for the Growton brand. We identified the key messages the brand should convey and the values it should represent. 

Acceptance with the customer

Before proceeding further, we obtained acceptance and positive confirmation from the client for the prepared brand strategy. This allowed us to avoid misunderstandings or changes at a later stage of the project. The brand strategy is a guideline for further implementation activities - first branding and then advertising.

Logo proposal

Growton - rebranding

We have prepared proposals for a new logo for the Growton brand, taking into account its identity, mission and values. 

Assembling a brandbook 

Once the logo and other visual elements were approved, we prepared a detailed brandbook that serves as a brand manual. It contains strategic guidelines about the brand, as well as linguistic and visual guidelines for the logo, color scheme, typography and overall visual identity of the brand. 

Interesting fact: the Growton brand description you read in the first paragraph is already written precisely in accordance with the brand strategy - Growton's mission statement is there, and the whole thing is written in its distinctive language.

Update advertising materials according to new branding

After preparing the new visual brand identity, we proceeded to update all Growton's advertising and promotional materials to be consistent with the new branding and communication. These included the website, social media and the company's offerings.

What have we worked out?

Our goal was to create a consistent and unique brand that stands out in a competitive market. 

What does the brandbook contain?

  • Define the service in simple terms
  • A detailed description of the target group - buyer persona
  • Brand differentiators
  • Values
  • Positioning statement
  • The essence of the brand
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Brand archetype
  • Tone of voice
  • Marketing slogan
  • The meaning of the logo
  • All visual guidelines: correct use of the logo, scaling, protective field, color scheme, etc.
  • Proposal of advertising materials: business cards, footers, etc.
Case studies - Growton

Effects and results

The result of the strategic work is the essence of the brand - Growton: the Dr. House of sales. We combined the qualities of a rebel and a sage, creating a unique image of a brand that not only challenges the status quo, but is also guided by its expertise, anticipating and responding effectively to changing market realities. Importantly: this is in line with the brand team's beliefs and mode of operation, making the strategy credible. The new logo underscores the brand's "all around health" nature. 

Brand slogan 

  • Specialization: sales
  • The slogan points directly to the company's expertise in sales - a subtle reference to strategic direction.
  • The entire visual identity presents professionalism and confidence.


Cooperation with our client was full of inspiration. Together we were able to develop a brand strategy that became key in terms of further communication. Thanks to this project, Growton can continue its mission to heal Polish companies and support their development and show this to its target audience in the best possible way - so that it is remembered. Importantly, the brand strategy should be visible externally as well as internally, so it's important that the entire team working at the company knows its brand and follows the guidelines in daily communication. After the brand strategy and rebranding, it's time for communication activities, which are already showing results - a great confirmation of a working strategy for us. 

Heroes working on the project:

  • Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero
  • Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

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