MOST interesting facts from the Digital 2022 report

We will introduce you with the MOST interesting facts from the Digital 2022 report conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite

­čĽĺ It is predicted that the total time of all users on the Internet in 2022 will be about 12.5 trillion hours online.

To illustrate, here's a hint - it would take more than 1.4 billion years for one person to spend that much time on the Internet ­čś«

­čĺ╗ The average YouTube user spends less than 24 hours a month on YouTube - 23.7 hours, for Facebook it is 19.6 hours, the same amount of time spent on average on TikTok. Whatsapp - 18.6 h, Instagram is only 11.2 hours per month.

This adds up to just under 4 days per month spent on social media. Is that a lot?

Ô×í One in every 3 people in the world is currently reached by YouTube ads. If only adults are considered, then ads reach 75% of the population.

­čŤĺ Nearly half of Internet users admit that they visit social media to search for products and brands they intend to buy.

Were you aware of such power of social media in sales? ­čĄö

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