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Your business needs wings to fly... With Marketing Automation with HEROES it's very easy!

Discover the power of marketing automation that Continuously reaches out to your customers - Wherever they are, at any time. Focus on innovation and growth while we make sure your marketing campaigns run like a precisely oiled machine.

Karol Jedrasik

CEO of CS Heroes

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What companies use

With Marketing Automation?

Our marketing automation services are aimed at companies in a wide range of industries that want to revolutionize and accelerate their sales and marketing processes.

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E-commerce and marketplaces

For online stores and commerce platforms, we automate communication, increasing conversions and customer loyalty.

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Pharma & Medical

We tailor automations to rigorous industries, supporting effective communication about services and products.

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New technologies

We help start-ups, software developers and mobile app developers scale their businesses through marketing automation.

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Industry and logistics

For the industrial and logistics sector, we develop marketing automation strategies that increase brand visibility.

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For beauty brands, we create personalized campaigns and automations that engage and build customer loyalty.

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Personal Brands

We support the building and development of personal branding by automating communication and content distribution across multiple channels.

See how we do it...

Stage 1: START

The first meeting with you is the foundation of our cooperation. We discuss goals, expectations and outline strategy. This is the time to clarify your needs and prepare the ground for upcoming activities.

Stage 2: Configuration and
launch of mailing

Completing the MailerLite setup and implementing the first email sequence is the next step. Every effort is made to ensure that communications are personalized and hit the needs of customers, resulting in increased conversions.

Stage 3: Design and
implementation of
POPup & Notification

At this stage, we focus on creating and integrating eye-catching pop-ups. As a result, your subscriber base grows, and each new user is a potential customer who will receive a personalized offer.

Step 4: Upselling Strategies.
and Cross-selling

We introduce upselling and cross-selling strategies that are invaluable in increasing the value of the shopping cart. We analyze your store's offerings and recommend products that have the best chance of increasing the average order value.

Step 5: Analyze the results

After all activities are completed, it is time to analyze and summarize the effects of our activities. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you with further marketing activities.

Take a look at our price list, Created to give your brand wings. With HEROES by your side, the sky is just the beginning.

Price: 1600 PLN

The price includes: eCommerce email marketing + POPup & Notification + Upselling & Cross selling

Expect from us:

Marketing Automation - see how we helped others...

Experience the real effects of our actions - Our case studies testify to Heroes' effectiveness and innovation in marketing automation. See how our solutions are transforming various industries:

  • Growth in the cosmetics industry: Our linking strategy pop-ups and email marketing increased conversions for the well-known Swedish brand. The result? Recovery of 48% abandoned shopping carts and better relations with customers.

  • Success in the medical sector: By automating the basket recovery process, we have achieved the following. 30% efficiency. Our actions foster trust and loyalty, which is key in this industry.

We invite you to take a detailed look at our case studies. Discover how our methods and tools can become your asset in achieving your business goals.

Invest in marketing automation with Heroes is a step toward the future of your business. See how we turn challenges into successes.

Lukasz Wisniewski


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We have already helped more than

100+ companies

Stop waiting for the future. Start creating it today by joining the companies that are already have benefited from our solutions, to accelerate your growth and increase your efficiency.

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Challenge yourself


Tell us about your company's needs and give us a chance to your business to grow Together with Heroes. We look forward to working with you.

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Marketing Automation is a set of digital-based activities that streamline and accelerate various sales and marketing processes. These are activities that make better use of data, enabling precise planning of activities in the online space.

Organizations are using Marketing Automation to optimize customer interactions and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The technology enables automation of routine tasks, resulting in better use of time and resources, as well as expanding and consolidating customer relationships.

Marketing Automation brings many benefits, including increased efficiency in communicating with customers, improved marketing strategies through analysis of collected data, and the ability to personalize offerings, which directly increases sales and customer satisfaction.

Getting started with Marketing Automation first requires understanding your business needs and goals. This is followed by selecting the right tools and platforms to integrate with the company's current systems. It is also crucial to develop a strategy that will leverage the potential of automation tools to maximize the effects of marketing activities.

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