How did we generate more than 15 times ROAS in the watersports industry? Surfers case study

A specific product from the sports industry, a brand run by a jet surfing pioneer and enthusiast, and its specific differentiators - by using these elements we created an effective advertising campaign for our client. How effective? Within a few months, we acquired 1,067 leads and helped sell all available boards! 

Duration: 6 months Purpose: Acquisition of leads

Result: 1067 leads ROAS: 15.14

One of our customers runs a company that sells electric surfboards. He offers various models with many specifications. They can be used by anyone, regardless of experience or skill. The boards are safe and easy to use, and thanks to their long battery life, you can enjoy using them for up to 1.5 hours.

A client approached us with a desire to advertise his products on social media. He had boards in his inventory that he wanted to sell, and it wasn't all that easy. The high prices of electric surf and efoil boards mean that not everyone can afford them. Therefore, the target group in this industry is people whose finances allow them to buy a device for this type of entertainment.

Distinctions are key

These days, product alone may not be enough. Building a positive brand experience is important. Buyers like to know that they are getting the following from the brand more. Our client has guaranteed this to its consumers.

One of the brand's hallmarks was that the board salesperson is also a board enthusiast. A person with experience in a particular field in this position is a great value - after all, we are most likely to take advice from the mouth of a knowledgeable expert. 

In addition - with the purchase of the board, the seller throws in a course of swimming on it (conducted by the owner himself, live!) completely free of charge! This can encourage even those who were not convinced to buy due to lack of skills. This is a huge and very valuable differentiator.

These two elements, along with the excellent workmanship of the boards, meant that viewers were eager to interact with the brand and, as a result, purchase products from its offerings. All it took was only Appropriately reach them...That's what we were responsible for!

We jump on the board

After learning about the industry, brand and specifications of the target group, we proposed an awareness and educational campaign aimed at acquiring leads for the purchase of a surfboard or efoil.

We set up a target that allowed us to narrow down the group that our ads were targeting. It included:

  • people living in Poland,
  • Entrepreneurs who were able to "put into costs" the purchased gadget,
  • young adults who have plenty of time during the holiday season and are willing to devote it to such activities,
  • water sports enthusiasts.

Because the boards are electrically powered, anyone - regardless of skill, athleticism or strength - will be able to use them.

Among other things, our goal was to overcome the barriers associated with purchasing and using the product, As well as showing that it provides plenty of excitement
and entertainment, Which, by the way, is 100% truth. We also showed feedback from satisfied board owners to build trust among new buyers.

On an upward wave

In the course of our activities we could feel ourselves on the best carrying wave, even though on an efoil board they are not desirable! 

We prepared the relevant forms, creations and advertising texts. Then we turned on the campaign, which we optimized over the following months until... all available boards were sold out. It is worth noting that we managed to achieve this threshold Even before the end of the planned sales season!

The goal of our campaign was to acquire leads. We structured the sales funnel in such a way that retargeting ads went to people who had watched a longer piece of the promotional video. This one was displayed to cold viewers who had no previous exposure to the brand. 

We then focused on educating and raising awareness of the audience so that -. targeting people who have already interacted with the brand - convincing them to make a decision. To those who had almost decided to buy their own board (people with a high number of interactions, page views, social media engagements) we directed a message encouraging them to fill out a contact form.

The creations we have prepared

image 38
image 36


image 35

The campaign generated 1067 contacts and over 16 million impressions advertisements. What's more, our efforts resulted in two shopping made through the website, although this was not the main goal of this campaign.

Finally Our client managed to sell an entire container of premium products before the scheduled end of the season.

Reaching the shore

Success. Excellent differentiators, sales made by an experienced professional, High quality products and a lesson of surfing included in the price - definitely made our job easier.

We managed - thanks to proper targeting, settings and optimization - to reach people who are realistically interested in this custom product. A series of activities and their proper sequence helped us to achieve such a huge result, which is as many as 1,067 leads and sales of all available boards, the total value of which exceeded 4 million zlotys.

Heroes working on the project:

Maciej Bryke - Client Hero

Adam Gron - Performance Hero

Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

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