Doubled sales? Naturally... This is the result of a well thought out advertising campaign strategy for the beauty brand

A specific, clear goal, a defined problem and a solution developed from them is the key to a good advertising campaign strategy. Understanding the needs of the target group and setting them in a temporal context made it possible to select a keynote that stood out in the crowd and achieved the set goals. We used all of this in a well-thought-out strategy, thanks to which we achieved great successes for a client in the beauty industry, immodestly speaking. A new brand in the Polish beauty industry market, clearly defined values and a high-quality product - these elements made our work a pure pleasure. 

The challenge was the thriving competition in the market. With a small budget came the difficulty of obtaining satisfactory results from advertising campaigns.

Natural cosmetics, companies with values and a specific mission are gaining popularity worldwide. Here a gateway is opening for brands that respond to consumer needs, but the task is not as easy as it might seem, because competition is plentiful... as are customer preferences.

Strategic assumptions

We started our work by defining specific business goals together with the client:

  • Doubling product sales

We proposed to develop a complete advertising campaign strategy for the summer period, as well as to introduce a new product (kit) to meet the needs of the target group. 

What stages did the strategic work process consist of?

● Identify the problem to be solved 

● Establish a communication goal (increase brand recognition!).

  • Analysis of the competitive environment and trends

● Identify and analyze the target audience (insight)

● Creating a campaign thought (big idea)

● Selection of channels and outreach tools 

Our goal was first and foremost to create appropriate communication that would stimulate potential customers to enter into a relationship with the brand and make it memorable for them. Defining such a big idea had to do with the time the campaign was to launch, which was the summer and vacation season.

We built the brand's association with lightness, freshness and vitality. At the same time, we referred to the elements, air and nature, with which the brand is identified. 

Summer breath

Big idea, copy on the creations, as well as the name of the new set - for so many elements we used two words developed. Did they turn out to be accurate?

Working out the creation

We prepared a package of creations to promote a new set of cosmetics, designed for vacation, breath and lightness. It's a combination of three products ideal for summer, featuring light texture, fast absorption and excellent hydration. 

The reference to summer, breath and nature turned out to be a perfect, orchestrated and coherent idea that appealed not only to our client, but also, most importantly, to the recipients of this message.


image 42
image 43
image 41

Effects of the campaign

The prepared campaign achieved great results that met our expectations and achieved the set goal. The result?

Doubling sales in two months

Performance specialists handled the implementation and optimization of the creative.

In conclusion - the result speaks for itself and proves that a properly thought-out campaign can be the key to increasing (even doubling!) sales. Creating the right communication that reaches the target audience requires analyzing trends, the market environment and looking at the customer's values and needs from the customer's perspective. 

Our activities:

  • development of campaign strategy
  • preparation of creation (graphics + copy)
  • Implementation and ongoing optimization of campaigns by performance specialists

From strategy to creation to performance, the combination of these 3 forces has produced results that we are proud of 🙂

Heroes working on the project:

Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero

Natalia Olejnik - Graphic Design Hero

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Tell us about your company's needs and give your business a chance to grow with Heroes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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