How to run social media and get great results? We reached almost 80,000 people in 2 weeks!

A new brand, the need to stand out from a lot of competition, a service that even the most popular online clinics didn't have, and the need to reach the largest possible audience. The client, who approached us, runs a company that provides online medical services. How did we manage to stand out and achieve a huge result in terms of reach, likes and comments from the third publication?

About the brand

The company for which we carry out activities is related to the medical industry. It is an online clinic. It offers traditional services such as teleprescription or e-prescription, as well as services that are harder to find with competitors: e-referral, e-certification or prescription for medical marijuana.

Purpose of running social media

Determining a specific goal sets the direction of social media activities and is the most important step with which we start conducting them. Goals can vary: image, awareness, sales, entertainment, education and many others. Some are more measurable, others less so, but if they are defined, then we know what posts to publish and from what angle to analyze them.

For this brand, our goals included reaching potential customers, showcasing the new brand in the market, building awareness of its existence and trust among the audience by publishing regular posts twice a week and promoting them. The Facebook account was brand new, we started with a clean slate.

Preparing for action

The first step was to prepare all the necessary materials - it was necessary to develop a specific graphic direction. We wanted to be able to create consistent, eye-pleasing, memorable creations on social media.

We created a publication plan that determined the types of posts.

We focused on three categories that allowed us to achieve our goals: 

  • Engaging publications - encouraging interaction with the brand, such as by leaving a comment or reaction, thereby increasing the profile's reach and reaching more people.
  • Educational publications - Their task is mainly to stay in the memory of the viewer, build a positive experience and trust in the brand. They are also shared frequently, which also means increasing reach.
  • Sales publications - oriented to redirect to the site for purchase, presenting the range of services. Such publications are already reaching out specifically to patients of online clinics.

The publications prepared range from short "surveys" involving leaving a response by the audience, to touching on slightly controversial topics, to factual publications telling about the effects of specific vitamins or the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

At promotional publications, we reported on a novelty in the market that could not be found in most competitors: e-certification.

It is worth noting here the role of Content Hero, whose main task was to prepare such content that it was most likely to hit the needs of the audience, engage them or generate discussion in the comments. This was accomplished!

Sample publications

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Paid or organic activities?

Paid activities are perfect for start-up profiles. In our case, an additional advantage is that the brand's activities are not limited to a specific region or a very narrow category, and we can target the entire country, to almost any person. This accelerates the growth of the fanpage. You can be just as successful with organic activities, although it usually requires much more time.

Since the brand was brand new, we set out to create a campaign in which we promote each of the published creations. The promotion is set up to increase audience engagement under the publications through reactions, comments or shares. By doing this effectively, we are reaching an even larger audience, and gaining regular followers, even though the campaign settings are not geared towards this.

What did we achieve with this?


Between November and the end of March, we reached 582,420 recipients on Facebook, gaining a total of several thousand likes under the publications and about 500 shares of the publications. 

The use of engaging post topics made it possible to collect valuable comments under many publications, the total number of which exceeded 1,200.

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Publications that are planned, consistent with the brand's objectives, and that hit the needs of the audience can help in sales success and brand awareness. With our activities, we have achieved results in social media that we did not anticipate at the beginning of the cooperation, or at least not so quickly. It is worth noting that so far the publication that has received the most engagement is the third one published on the Facebook page.

Behind such results is well thought-out and planned content, hitting the interests and problems of the audience. There are a lot of publications on the fanpage that are engaging and educational, rather than typically advertising, so people who end up on the brand's profile are more likely to leave a follow-up. This makes it possible to systematically reach new audiences! Valuable content makes the brand stay in the memory of the user, who - this is our goal - when he has a need to use the services offered, the first moment he remembers it. 

We see tremendous value with this client also in paid activities, which helped tremendously to "get the brand audience going" from the very first publication. The right target audience makes the results we achieve even better.

It is worth emphasizing again that the profile was conducted completely from scratch, and as a result, the results we achieved after only a few publications are a reason for our satisfaction.

Heroes working on the project:

Aniela Mikoda - Content Hero

Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

Vladek Lashko - Performance Ads Hero

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Tell us about your company's needs and give your business a chance to grow with Heroes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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