How to increase online course sales?

Building a personal brand is one of the more effective activities on the path to success in the digital marketing world. Our client, an established figure in the e-commerce industry, is a great example of this. But a personal brand is one thing, and advertising activities that sell a product are another.

The power of personal branding in e-commerce

An expert in online sales and running online stores, our client has created a course that covers a wide range of topics related to running an online business, thanks to his extensive knowledge. 

He has strengthened his authority in the industry by regularly presenting real results, sharing student reviews and being active on various social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

The role of Heroes in supporting course sales

In order to support our client in increasing the reach and sales of its course, we developed a strategy at the center of which were campaigns on the Facebook platform. These played a key role in building awareness and generating sales.

When creating a Facebook campaign we bet on the use of video ads, which enable effective communication with the target audience. The videos were designed to present the key benefits of attending the course in an accessible way. 

We also used testimonials from students that were evidence of real successes people who have taken the course. In this way, potential customers could see that the course not only promises, but also delivers concrete results.

It is worth noting that a key element of our strategy was the client's strong personal brand. We leveraged his authority as an e-commerce expert, which allowed us to build trust among potential customers. His presence in the video ads and the visualization of his successes further reinforced the message and encouraged them to take action.

Campaign results, or trust is key

The results of our campaigns on the Facebook platform have exceeded all expectations, providing impressive proof of the effectiveness of our efforts. Our strategy, creative selection and campaign optimization yielded exceptional results, which confirm the potential and power of personal branding.

The most important indicator of our successes has become the record-breaking rate of ROAS, achieved in June this year, of an impressive 58.87. This result is a direct result of precisely planned campaigns that effectively hit the expectations and needs of the target group. However, the achievement of this record was not accidental - it is the result of consistent work and optimization of our activities.

As a result, the total investment in Facebook advertising in June turned into about 35 times return, which proves that our activities not only generate interest, but also contribute to real sales.

Below you will find screenshots of selected results of our Facebook campaigns, which confirm the results we have achieved.


Facebook was not the only site that generated spectacular results. Multiple other activities in the same period also achieved significant returns. These included our client's YouTube activities and Google Ads campaigns. The total revenue for June 2023 can be seen in the screenshot below.



Our client's story is a perfect example, illustrating the power of an effectively run personal brand in the context of marketing achievements. His years of experience, authenticity and total commitment contributed to the creation of an influential brand, resulting in a wide reach and impressive sales of his course. 

Our strategy based on campaigns on the Facebook platform, showcasing the client's image, yielded results that exceeded expectations.

The success described in this case shows that with the right narrative, authenticity and focus on values, even seemingly An ordinary online course can turn into a real bestseller

Heroes working on the project:

Adam Gron - Performance Hero

Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

Maciej Bryke - Client Hero

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