ConceptHero is turning into... Heroes. An agency for companies with BIG ideas

Bold, growth-oriented, efficient. With a clear brand strategy and new branding, we are showing us more strongly to the world. We have transformed from ConceptHero into Heroes! We have specific values and set goals, and invariably a great desire to reach for more! We stand up for good products and services, and through thoughtful marketing efforts, we show them to the world.

Aim for branding that reflects the agency's DNA

A strong organizational culture has always characterized our agency - our heroes and heroines, as well as our clients, know this. However, with the growth of the agency, we decided to emphasize this fact much more and show it externally as well. So that everyone who has contact with the brand has no doubt what it is associated with.

The refreshed image and completely new branding is based on the new strategy of the Heroes agency, which also included our mission and vision statement. 

Task: marketing for companies with BIG ideas 

With the new strategy, we are even more clear about who we want to help and the direction in which the Heroes agency will develop.

We know how to effectively support your brand with digital marketing capabilities. We understand the pains of entrepreneurs who are developing their businesses and are able to solve them with heroic knowledge, experience and commitment.

We are guided by values that make us a close-knit team and able to work in unison for the effective marketing of our clients.

Marketing for companies with BIG ideas is Heroes' new slogan, which reflects our agency's philosophy of working with clients. At Heroes, we work with companies that have great ideas. The kind we believe in and want to support by creating and executing effective marketing activities. To increase reach, recognition and sales. We are open to non-standard and niche industries, treating them as great challenges that give room to use our strategic approach as well as creativity. 

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Result: Heroes

From the name to the choice of font and color scheme to the Key Visual. Heroes' new branding captures 100%'s strategic premise: we are a strong and bold brand, and one of our core values is "achieving," as befits Heroes. The font used in the new Heroes logo and the special slashing of the letters and their offsets emphasize dynamism and action.

Along with the agency's name change, the job titles of our employees have also changed, consistent with the overall branding. As of now, the agency's Heroes clients are served by: Client Hero, Performance Hero, Content Hero, Strategy Hero and Social Media Hero. 

heroes rebranding heroes1v2
heroes rebranding heroes2v2

Together we are boldly achieving the goals we have set and we want to reach for more all the time. We share our knowledge, so we invite you to follow our agency social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Starting today, we are Heroes - set us a marketing challenge and see what we can do for you.

The following are responsible for the work on the rebranding:

Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero

Filip Król - Graphic Designer 

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