Want to create communications to Generation Z? Get to know them better yourself first!

To effectively reach your audience, you need to know their needs and try to meet their expectations. Generation Z, who are in the process of growing up, getting a job, and settling down, are increasingly shopping in the online world. This is the first generation that may not remember a time when there was no internet, smartphones and social media yet. How do you create marketing communications that will reach them?

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is the generation of people born after 1995. The end of this generation is defined as roughly 2010-2015.

What are the Zetas like? They don't know life without the Internet, social media, or smartphones. They are open-minded people, willing to discuss a variety of topics. They are eager to create, have big ambitions and visions. They are characterized by flexibility - quick to adapt to change, mobile. They take a realistic approach to life. They do not foresee a midlife crisis in themselves.

Millenials vs. the optimized generation

Other terms for Generation Z are zoomers, post-millenials, and the Internet generation.

People born in these times are just entering full adulthood. They are schoolchildren, students, and young people in the job market - it does not equal with the fact they don’t have the finances to make purchases, both online and offline.

It is more difficult to reach them, because when choosing a brand they are not only guided by the offer, but also by the values it proclaims. It is worth knowing what kind of communication to create and how to brand to successfully convince them to your brand.


How do young people want to shop?

People born after 1995 are currently a community for whom online shopping is an everyday occurrence, nothing out of the ordinary. This is evidenced by a study conducted in 2022 by the Drapers.

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Almost half of the people Gen Z people prefers to shop for clothing, accessories and shoes online (48.6%). Millenials have a similar attitude, among whom 41% prefer to do this type of shopping online.

The same people answered what they like best about shopping online. One of the most frequently indicated factors by the Zetas is the following. The opportunity to buy a particular product cheaper. Young people are also encouraged convenience and delight Of placing an order. For the Millennial generation, convenience is the most important factor, followed closely by more favorable prices.

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It is noteworthy that only 2.6% people of the post-millenial generation does not shop online at all. This is a very small percentage of the community.

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What values do the Zetas value?

A survey conducted by Deloitte in 2022 with nearly 15,000 Generation Z representatives found that they are seriously concerned about the climate crisis.

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75% of the Z generation agrees that the world is at a turning point (on the climate issue) and the situation could turn out in different scenarios, depending on how the public reacts. 45% is optimistic and believes that the population's actions will have the intended positive effect.

Zoomers also value the ethical and eco-friendly approach of companies, brands, employers and employees. 43.4% of respondents said it had become more important to them over the past year: sustainable environment, equality and diversity retail consistent with ethics.

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Noteworthy, more than half of young people are able to pay more for a product that meets their expectations and is of good quality, and the brand communicates a convergent values and it holds sustainable development.

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How to communicate to persuade?

Matching the values of your audience is the key to sales success. We've gathered data from reports (Deloitte, Drapers) that may help you select the right communications.

It is worth leaning into the issue of ecology and combating the climate crisis, which is extremely important for young people.

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Given two similar products or brands to choose from, the Zetas (for the most part) will bet on the one that matches their values even if it is more expensive. Therefore, it is not worth betting only on the lowest price, promotion, discount or other price benefits. Introducing communication in line with audience expectations can bring better and long-term benefits and profits, and build a loyal customer base.

Generation Z is a generation that is very involved in all socio-political actions, they are eager to express their opinions and fight for the right to vote. This can be a gateway to unite young people if you have the opportunity.

Young people want brands to inspire them. In the case of the clothing and accessories category, they hope for the use of modern technology so that they will be able to better adjust their size, 35.8% respondents voted. They also hope for more fashion tips and advice - 32.8%. 30.4% of Generation Z representatives also expect services focused on convenience. This includes fast and efficient shipping, free returns and in-store pickup shopping options.

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Remember that you are not able to duplicate the values of all youth, it is impossible. If you want to reachto your target audience, target those that are relevant to your audience. Even if your approach and views are not in line with them.

More than 46.8% of respondents answered that they happened to cancel their purchases due to incompatibility with their values.

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Zetas like transparency, authenticity and conversation. Messages aimed at people born after 1995 should be a prelude to making connections relations, because they do not like one-way communication.

Generation Z has the ability to quickly filter and verify information, so messages to them must be in line with the brand's actual approach. Any inconsistencies are likely to be caught quickly, because when a product or brand interests them, they decide to learn more about it.

Generation Z

Brands and products that want to target their messages to people born in the second half of the 1990s should focus on their needs and views. Otherwise, these people will be in a position to abandon purchases from the brand.

Remember these good practices:

  • Make sure your offerings are available online. Nearly all Zetas shop online, and nearly half of them strongly prefer to do so online rather than offline.
  • Design your site to make shopping convenient for your customers. Provide good deals and an easy shopping process - these are among the factors that Zetas value.
  • Take the brand's approach to social, political or environmental situations. More than 40% Zoomers value green and ethical actions. They are even able to pay more for them.
  • Don't create one-sided communications. Show interest in the recipient, build relationships and engage them.
  • Give inspiration to use your products or services. If you have the opportunity, using modern technology to make improvements.
  • Create a banner image of your brand. It must be authentic, sincere and consistent, Remember that Generation Z is quick to filter and verify information.

Good luck!

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