Colors can affect the subconscious

Do you know how colors can affect the subconscious? 🤔

Surely you realize the importance of colors in the visual identity of the brand 🎨 We will show you how the different colors are characterized 👇

Every color is capable of influencing the human mind, yours too.

I guess each of us associates the color green with nature, harmony, safety 🌱
It is used for cosmetic products and products of natural origin.

The color red - with speed, danger, opportunity, as well as love ❤️
Used to emphasize the occasion and also with sports products.

We associate blue with heaven and water, and it symbolizes wisdom 🌊
Blue color is used for products related to water or cleanliness.

The color yellow is a warning, but also radiance and energy 🌞
It is often used for children's or entertainment-related products.

Black, on the other hand, is associated with luxury, elegance, elitism 🌚
What color are limousines most often?

Probably same associations came to your mind while reading this article. This is a prove of how similarly our minds works. That is why it is so recommended to use color psychology while creating a corporate identity.

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