How did we reach 2.7 million people with a campaign on PornHub? A case study of a marketing campaign for the Cashify brand.

A rebellious brand that is leaving a mark in the memory thanks to bold moves made online. Good emotions and humor are the hallmarks of the Cashify brand, for which we had the pleasure of preparing a custom awareness campaign.

Cashify is a cryptocurrency exchange provider, which operates both online and stationary in dozens of points on the map of Poland. It offers its customers favorable options for exchanging digital currencies.

We started working with the Cashify brand in April 2022, starting with the promotion of services on social media. Since then, we have become well acquainted with the brand’s specifics, its unorthodox and somewhat extravagant approach to marketing.. We have also perfectly researched the market for this industry - the target group, consumer needs and problems, and the competition. 

The client, since his brand is just developing in the Polish market, asked us to plan a campaign that increase audience’s awareness about the brand existence. Our activities included strategic, implementation and optimization positions - we handled the campaign from A to Z.


The brand's non-standard approach-created in the shape of a "good friend” who belongs to the elite and who leaves a mark; allowed us to use non-standard outreach. Therefore, we decided to advertise on PornHub, which is a specific channel and should be approached With a lot of distance. This further encouraged us to ensure that the slogans (or graphics) of the creations were not random, but referred to the specifics of the portal, as well as the Cashify service. Not every industry is suitable for this medium, so a good analysis is necessary before starting.

Our goal was:

  • Leave a mark in the memory of the audience,
  • Achieve a score of about 100,000 ad impressions.

The first result is not so obvious and easy to measure, while the second... We managed to beat it by 2700%. 

And when it got warmer......

In order to select appropriate messages, we first focused on the characteristics of the brand's business. Security and simplicity of currency exchange
at the exchange office is Cashify's basic premise. They also organize various campaigns in which, for example, they reduce the commission on exchanges for matches won by customers in the Fifa game.

Following in the footsteps of individual slogans related to the experiences, personality and characteristics of the brand, we created several messages that harmonized with both our client's branding and the specifics of the portal.


creation 5
image 48
image 46

And suddenly it's hot!

By closely observing the results and optimizing the campaign, we came to the conclusion that it was better to drop the placements that did not have a high number of clicks. This way, without changing the budget, we could increase the number of impressions and generate more traffic.

Thanks to efficient optimization, we were able to generate an even more favorable budget - we went from $0.095 per click to $0.068.

image 44


Analysis of the Cashify brand and the PornHub portal allowed us to match them, achieving the perfect result, which was

2.7 million ad impressions in 2 months

Reaching such a number of people would not have been possible if it were not for apt strategic analysis, which gave us confidence in the consistency of Cashify's message with the PornHub portal.


Our client expressed the need to increase brand awareness among Polish consumers. After analysis and market research, we chose a performance indicator (KPI), which was to generate 100,000 ad impressions on an adult portal. The effects exceeded our expectations: we generated 27 times the result!

The characteristics of both brands gave us the opportunity to join forces and increase Cashify's brand recognition among Poles. 

Heroes working on the project:

Karolina Kleta - Strategy Hero

Natalia Olejnik - Graphic Design Hero

Vladek Lashko - Performance Hero

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