Breaking sales records month after month? It's possible!

An online second-hand clothing store, run by two vintage clothing enthusiasts, with a huge potential and an even bigger dose of clothes! For us, it was a double challenge, because in addition to standing out among other stores, there was a constant work ahead of us related to the fact that the products were constantly changing - the available clothes were unique and single.

Customers have approached us to expand their business -. increase brand recognition and sales. They had a unique product to offer, or rather products that were constantly changing from day to day, week to week, which was an additional challenge for Adam - Performance Hero.

The brand is run by a team of two people absorbed in their work, in love with vintage style and following trends all the time. Their goal is to provide customers with unique (literally!) products, carefully selected based on: style, age of the clothes, their originality and also condition. Their brand responds to the needs of its audience - caring about the environment, being noticed and accepted.

Choice of advertising

Since the specifics of the business did not allow for long-term promotion of specific products (the products could sell out before the campaign ended the "warm-up" phase), we also decided to prepare general ads promoting the store and the type of goods it offers. Accordingly, the creations created generally referred to the category of vintage clothing. 

We opted for striking graphics, referring to this style, as well as communicating the fact that these clothes are limited and original.

In addition to the creations promoting the store, we also regularly published those with the latest clothes to buy.

Sample creations

image 33

image 31

image 34

image 27

image 29

image 32

image 30

image 28

Non-standard form of promotion

In addition to the standard Facebook and Instagram campaigns, we decided to offer the client something less typical, namely the promotion on social media of one of the most popular profiles sharing memes and entertainment content (Repost). 

This form of promotion cost our client less than a possible collaboration with any equally reachable influencer, and allowed us to reach an audience of dozens (maybe even hundreds), increasing brand awareness.

Seasonal sales

The fashion industry is volatile. Different colors, cuts, and types of clothing are in vogue depending on the time, season, society, and generations. Our clients wanted to introduce a campaign for so-called "autumners" during the season to which the term refers. They included a variety of colorful, custom sweaters. 

In this case, we decided to advertise in the form of a carousel, where we presented the available models.

image 57

The results?

After two months of our cooperation, a definite increase in sales relative to all previous months of the store's operation was already visible:

image 25

The following months brought the expected increases, and month after month we broke all possible records, to the satisfaction of not only our customers, but also ours.

It's also worth noting the results of the aforementioned campaign for women's sweaters for "autumnar." This campaign generated a 10-fold return on investment for marketing and caused all products to sell out any minute:

image 24


An unusual industry that required frequent updates and new creations, unique products that definitely attracted customers' attention, and a unique group of valuable customers who were able to buy up the entire available assortment in no time. 

And then there are the right heroes who rose to the challenge and enjoyed working on this project, giving a ton of ideas and solutions from themselves - such as promotion on the outreach profile. 

Heroes working on the project:

Maciej Bryke - Client Hero

Adam Gron - Performance Hero

Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

Challenge yourself

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Tell us about your company's needs and give your business a chance to grow with Heroes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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