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Breakthrough automation strategies in e-commerce - learn about Heroes' practical solutions! 

At Heroes, we are eager to use marketing automations to generate effective results for online stores at the lowest possible cost. With our strategies, we prove that even small but properly implemented innovations can bring significant benefits. Below we present you with case studies for two different e-commerce sectors. These examples illustrate how our strategies translate into tangible benefits, demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of marketing automations in disparate industries.

"As many as 75% of the online stores we talk to are not implementing marketing automations solutions. This is strongly surprising given the very good sales results that can be generated by investing really little in this area."

 Karol Jedrasik - CEO of CS Heroes
Karol Jedrasik

Cosmetics industry - or boosting conversions with an innovative combination of pop-ups and email marketing

Working with a Swedish brand offering vegan and natural cosmetics inspired by Scandinavian nature, we used advanced automation techniques to increase their online sales. In addition to the standard abandoned cart recovery strategy, we implemented a unique combination of pop-ups and email marketing.


The Swedish cosmetics e-commerce company wanted to increase conversions and online sales.


  • First, we implemented a strategy to recover abandoned shopping carts. In a simple and automatic way, we "recovered" for the customer over 48% of baskets that probably would never have been realized.
Basket recovery statistics for cosmetics brand
  • On the client's website, we introduced an interactive window (pop-up), which after 8 seconds from the first user visit presented new visitors with an offer 15% discount for their inaugural shopping spree.
Users who filled out the pop-up form were included in an automated email marketing funnel.

After signing up via a pop-up on the site, users began receiving a series of personalized emails sent every few days. These messages were focused not only on reminding users of the discount, but also on building relationships with recipients and providing them with valuable information. The entire email campaign ended with a special offer, which provided a new customer with access to a larger discount, which this time amounted to 20%.

  • We have implemented conditional email system, which automatically adjusted to the customers' response to the offer to take advantage of 15% discount. The entire sales funnel structure was designed to maximize conversions and sales, using a personalized approach and strategically placed messages along the customer's purchase path.
We implemented a conditional email system that automatically adjusted to customers' response to the proposal to use 15% discounts.

Email sequence plan:

  1. The initial emails alluded to the 15% discount and motivated the purchase.
  2. Subsequent emails focused on educating and building customer relationships. 
  3. A recent email encouraged a special 20% discount on first purchases. 
Action Plan - Pop-up + Email Sequence

The introduction of this system has allowed us to significantly increase the number of orders. Many of them probably wouldn't have reached completion if it weren't for the fact that we offered discounts to our website visitors. Analyzing the statistics, we can see that it is the first email sent that brings the most orders, mainly due to the high motivation of customers. However, subsequent emails also contribute to generating sales. This means that if we limited our automation to sending only one email, we would lose a significant percentage of additional revenue

Strategy details:

  1. Recover abandoned shopping carts via WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin.
  2. Creative and engaging pop-up content, enhanced with special offers.
  3. A reminder of the discount via an email sequence that also aimed to build trust and relationships with customers.
  4. Increased promotional offer in the last message of the email sequence. 
  5. Analyze data and user responses to adjust and optimize strategies in subsequent promotional activities.


  • Site traffic over the past 90 days: 4562
  • Filling out a form via pop-up: 5%
  • Number of orders with pop-up discount code: 17%
  • Effectiveness of the email sequence: average of open emails at 40%


The effectiveness of the above strategy shows that a well-designed sales funnel, combining attractive pop-ups and personalized email marketing, can significantly increase conversions and sales. The use of data and analysis of user behavior enable optimization of the strategy, maximizing sales results.

Medical industry-automation that yielded nearly 30% of recovered baskets!  

Working with a platform offering online medical services, we used advanced automation methods to increase sales. A key element of our strategy was to implement a system for recovering abandoned shopping carts, a standard but effective solution that allowed us to recover a significant portion of potential revenue.


The online medical services platform has struggled with the problem of abandoned shopping carts.


We used a plugin , "WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery". and we set up 3 emails activated at key moments: 15 minutes, 1 day, and 3 days after cart abandonment.

3 emails activated at key moments

"We have successfully implemented an automation system that has improved the efficiency of our online sales processes. This important implementation, which I consider a standard for any active e-commerce platform, has enabled us to better manage situations when customers abandon purchases. The process, which was completed in about 40 minutes at a time, has simplified and streamlined our e-commerce operations, resulting in better conversions and increased profits."

Vladek Lashko - Performance Hero
Vladek Lashko

Results: We recovered a good portion of the abandoned baskets, achieving a near 30% efficiency. This strategy not only increased sales, but also strengthened customer trust and loyalty, which is crucial in the medical industry.

Basket recovery statistics for a healthcare brand

We automatically recovered nearly 30% of abandoned baskets

Analyzed case studies show how effective a well-planned and automated marketing strategy can be. At Heroes, we use our knowledge and experience to tailor automation strategies to each client's individual needs, resulting in real results and increased sales. Our approach demonstrates that effective marketing automations are a key element for success in today's e-commerce. It is definitely not a cost, but an investment.

Heroes working on the project:

  • Vladek Laszko -Performance Hero
  • Maciej Bryke -Client Hero
  • Sylwia Więcek -Graphic Design Hero

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