17 times increased sales year-on-year - it's possible! Increase sales through analysis and the right advertising campaign

Can a lawn fertilizer advertising campaign achieve huge success? Read the case study and see how our campaign and a specific differentiator led to a 17-fold increase in sales compared to the same period last year and built brand trust.

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About the brand

Our client's brand is a specialized provider of comprehensive lawn and sports field care services. Operating in the market for more than 22 years, the company has gained extensive experience and expertise in lawn care. Their offerings include high-quality fertilizers and professional advice, and a specific differentiator is free online lawn analysis by an expert. Our task was to increase fertilizer sales through an effective advertising campaign.

Analysis and goal setting

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the market and the client's needs and set the following goals:

  • Increasing the number of completed lawn analyses that will be the basis for personalized fertilizer recommendations.
  • Increase the number of fertilizer purchases on the website
  • Build brand trust by promoting a comprehensive service and the expertise of experts with years of experience.

Proper advertising campaign strategy, effective targeting and campaign optimization

We took on the challenge of creating an innovative advertising campaign for our client. Working on the concept of the campaign, we developed a clear and convincing big idea -. Lawn like at Wembley. The idea was to present a perfectly manicured lawn with dense grass, perfect color and even length that resembles the lawn at London's famous Wembley Stadium.

A key element of our advertising strategy was comparative graphics showing the lawn before and after fertilizer application. Showing the visible difference in the condition of the lawn after fertilizer application convinced potential customers of the effectiveness of the company's products.

Using social media platforms owned by Meta, we focused on precise targeting and optimization of the campaign. We used targeting tools to reach home and garden owners who want a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. Our creatives helped build trust in the brand and encouraged them to take action, such as completing a lawn analysis or purchasing fertilizer on the website.

Cold traffic creations

Remarketing creations

Effects and results

The campaign was impressively successful. We observed a significant increase in website traffic, which contributed to increased brand awareness and generation of interest in our client's company's fertilizers.

The most important thing, however, is sales performance.

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The campaign for our client proved not only to be effective advertising, but also a tool for building brand awareness and increasing customer confidence. The right advertising campaign strategy, precise targeting and regular optimization yielded spectacular sales results, contributing to the company's revenue growth and establishing itself as an expert in lawn care.

Heroes working on the project:

Maciej Bryke - Client Hero
Vladek Lashko - Performance Hero
Sylwia Więcek - Graphic Design Hero

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